The DDPIR presence detector is a sensor for automatic lighting control. It detects movement using a PIR sensor, which updates the light controller using a DALI bus interface. When an area is no longer occupied, the device times out after a configurable period.

Progressive sensitivity function eliminates false triggering. There is also an integral lux detector, enabling the sensor to control daylight linking to keep lights off when there is sufficient ambient light, or used as part of a closed loop to maintain a pre-set luminance level in a dimmable system.

Dimensions / Cut-out:ø49mm / Ø41mm. 
Connections:Screw Terminals.
Trim:White or Custom RAL.
Construction:ABS and Acrylic.
Devices Per Subnet:
7 (2-wire) or 15 (4-wire).
Supply Voltage:10V. to 18V. DC
Power Consumption:
Data Sheet:pdf 
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