Detail Surface

The Detail Surface is a fixed spot that mounts direct onto a ceiling. It is useful in scenarios where there is a solid ceiling where recessing is not an option.

The product’s small size means that it is discrete and the black baffle reduces glare. Supplied with a remote PSU, which can be fitted up to 25 metres from the luminaire. The Detail Surface is IP44 rated with an IP65 option available. Available in RAL 9010, RAL 9005 or custom RAL (extra cost may apply for custom RAL)

Trim:White, Black, Custom RAL
Delivered Lumens544lm (10° Only), 696lm, 948lm, 1250lm
Circuit Wattage:8.8w (544), 9.2w (696), 11.4 (948), 12.4w (1250)
Efficacy:62 (544), 75 (696), 83 (948), 100 (1250) LL/cW
Construction:Aluminium/ Polycarbonate.
IP Rating:IP40/ IP65.
Driver:Electronic / DALI.
Data Sheet:pdf 
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