Recessed ceiling mounted, designed for areas with long operating hours. Ideal for public and commercial applications, leisure and care home facilities. Straight and angled versions available. Various beam angles available. LED life up to 50,000 hours (L70) at 35°C ambient temperature.

Trim:White, Black, Gold, Brass, Chrome, Copper, Custom.
IP Rating:
Fixed: IP44 or IP65
Driver:Electronic / DALI.
Delivered Lumens544lm (10° Only), 696lm, 948lm or 1250 lm.
Circuit Wattage:8.8w (544lm), 9.2w (696lm), 11.4w (948lm) or 12.4w (1250lm).
Efficacy:62 (544lm), 65 (696lm), 83 (948lm) or 100 (1250lm) LL/CW.
Data Sheet:pdf 
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