EM Guardian

Our EM Guardian is an independent emergency lighting test system which provides DALI Emergency monitoring & testing to BS EM 6034 standards.

Each EM Guardian panel can connect to a maximum of 128 devices which allows for a single panel to be used for small installations, and multiple panels can be networked together and connected to a monitoring PC.

The Guardian panel will carry out function and duration tests automatically on the scheduled dates and times once the system has been commissioned. The Panel will show a blank screen until touched, at which point a tick icon will be shown to indicate the system is functioning as intended.

If a failure occurs during testing, or if a battery or charging error occurs the screen will show a warning on screen as well as playing a warning tone (if this was set up during commissioning).

User interface:Touch-screen.
DALI addresses:128 via 2 DALI subnets.
Connections:USB, Ethernet.
Software:Commissioning engineer software tool.
Rated voltage:230V.
Data Sheet:pdf
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