The LCMBD (Broadcast DALI) has two isolated networks. The field wiring CAN connection, which joins the LCM’s, is separated from the peripheral bus, which connects PIRs and scene plates. Should a wiring problem occur on one LCM peripheral, it will not affect other LCM’s. Should field wiring become compromised then LCM’s will stand alone and continue to function

The LCMBD controller can control up to 10 channels. It features single or multi-group capability and a removable 256K-memory module.

Each channel can be programmed for the following: Relay Only, DALI Only, Relay + DALI, Relay or DSI, Relay + 0-10, Relay + 1-10.

Dimensions:338mm x 237mm x 46mm. 
Trim:Blue and Black.
Luminaire Outputs:10x 6-Pole Sockets.

2x RJ11 (for CAN network).
2x RJ12 (for PIR’s and Scene Plates).
4-pin Hardwired for DALI Peripherals.
10-pin Hardwired for 8 Volt-Free Inputs.
Programming:Handset or Laptop (Bluetooth).
Power Consumption:
Off Load 1.2w., Full Load 2.2w.
6w. Per Channel (10A Max).
Data Sheet:pdf 
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