The LCMND controller can control up to 10 channels using the DALI protocol, and channels 6-10 have an integrated relay to switch non-DALI fittings.

It features single or multi-group capability and a removable 256K-memory module.

Integral emergency relay. Flame retardant ABS construction.

Dimensions:338mm x 237mm x 46mm. 
Trim:Blue and Black.
Luminaire Outputs:10x 6-Pole Sockets.

2x RJ11 (For CAN Network).
2x RJ12 (For PIR’s and Scene Plates).
4-pin Hardwired for DALI Peripherals.
10-pin Hardwired for 8 Volt-Free Inputs.
Programming:Handset or Laptop (Bluetooth).
Maximum Accessories:
Power Consumption:
Off Load 1.2w., Full Load 2.2w.
6w. Per Channel (10A Max).
Data Sheet:pdf 
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