Profile 40 & 60


Linear LED profile with an opal or micro prismatic diffuser and 40mm or 60mm wide body.

The Profile 40 & 60 can be installed either as a surface mounted luminaire or it can be installed as recessed with a trim or as a plaster-in fitting.

Our Profile 40 & 60 is available in 592mm, 872mm, 1150mm or 1432mm lengths as standard however we can offer bespoke lengths on request.


592mm, 872mm, 1150mm, 1432mm.
Trim:White, Black or Custom RAL.
Driver:Electronic / DALI.
Output:2500lm (1.2m MP), 2400lm (1.2m OP), 3200lm (1.5m MP), 3000lm (1.5m OP).
Circuit Wattage:24w, 29w.

Profile 40↓LDT

Profile 60↓LDT.

Data Sheet:↓pdf

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