System 1

The System 1 family utilise LED light sources and can optionally include halogen spots. They can be either suspended or surface mounted.

Ideally suited to office areas and public spaces, the System 1 is made from aluminium, available in the two lengths and has an optional spot section.

Dimensions:Main: 1320mm x 230mm x 36mm.
1620mm x 230mm x 36mm.

Spot: 240mm x 230mm x 36mm.
340mm x 230mm x 36mm.
IP Rating:IP20.
Driver:Electronic / DALI.
Output:Main, 1320: 4840lm.
1620: 6050lm.
Circuit Wattage:Main: 1320: 38w.
1620: 48w.
Spot, 240: QR111 1x100W max. G53.

340: HIR-CE111 1x35W GX8.5.
Efficacy:Main, 1320: 127.4 LL/CW.
1620: 126 LL/CW.
Data Sheet:pdf 
Photometrics:ldt: 1320  1620   Spot 240   Spot 340 
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