The Avante is an LED lay-in luminaire with a UGR rating of <19 to <22 depending on the optics used, either a micro-prismatic cover or an opal diffuser. The Avante is designed for lay-in ceiling grids and boasts an excellent light output and efficacy of over 100lm/cW and up to 120lm/cW if using the micro-prismatic optic. The luminaire is available with DALI dimmable control gear and DALI emergency for use on our DALI controls and monitoring system.

Designed to be as slim and simple as possible the Avante provides functional illumination for offices, waiting rooms, receptions, meeting areas among others. The luminaire is offered with HF control gear as standard however we also offer DALI dimming as well as DALI emergency which can both be integrated into our bespoke DALI Lighting controls and monitoring system.

The Avante is designed for recessing in a lay-in suspended grid system*

*Please check with our technical department before specifying that the luminaire can be utilised within the grid ceiling being used in your project.


Light source:LED.
Optic:Micro-prismatic, opal.
UGR:MP <19, OP <22.
Colour Temperature:4000K.
Output:3650lm, 4320lm.
Circuit Wattage:
Efficacy:101, 120lm/cW.
IP Rating:IP40.
Driver:Electronic, DALI.
Emergency:3 Hour, 3 Hour DALI EM.
Data Sheet:pdf 
Photometrics:coming soon ↓
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