The Brick is a high quality IP65 rated, full size polycarbonate bulkhead luminaire with a choice of fresnel lens or opal polycarbonate diffuser.

Available with maintained or non-maintained operation. 3-hour duration as standard from integral high temperature Nickel Cadmium batteries.

Maintained versions can be used for standard switched mains lighting but will automatically provide emergency lighting in the event of a complete loss of normal mains supply. T5 Lamp.

Dimensions:370mm x 140mm x 100mm
Construction:Steel / Polycarbonate.
IP Rating:IP65.
Exit Options:Left, Right, Up, Down and Diagonals
Output:100lm (Emergency) or 180lm (Mains Only).
Circuit Wattage:8w.
Efficacy:12.5 or 22.5 LL/CW.
Data Sheet:pdf 
Photometrics:ldt:  100lm  180lm  
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