The Calibre is a 600×600 recessed LED luminaire IP44 rated with a low glare diffuser system constructed from steel. The Calibre is available in several lumen outputs and with a choice of 2 optical types to suit any application. The luminaire is designed to be recessed into a suspended grid system*

Calibre features a twin linear optics system which offers a sleek aesthetic while also helping to control the glare within the space. Calibre utilises a 90° beam angle with direct light distribution to ensure maximum light coverage and uniformity.

The luminaire is available with either a matt micro-prismatic or translucent micro-prismatic optic depending on the application and requirements. Each optic type is then paired with a light engine offering a number of outputs to suit the needs of the installation. The Luminaire offers excellent light output and efficacy through use of high efficiency, high output LEDs combined with control gear which maximises light output while ensuring power draw is as low as possible.

DALI dimmable control gear is available for the luminaire as well as a 3hour emergency option and an option for DALI emergency for integration into a DALI emergency reporting system.


*Please check with our technical department before specifying that the luminaire can be utilised within the grid ceiling being used in your project.


Light source:LED.
Beam angle:90°.
Optic:Matt micro-prismatic, translucent micro-prismatic.
IP Rating:IP44.
Driver:Electronic, DALI.
Emergency:3 Hour, 3 Hour DALI Emergency.
Data Sheet:pdf 
Photometrics:coming soon ↓
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