Ceiling recessed LED downlight designed to offer exceptional performance and flexibility. The Midi features a highly effective heatsink and the reflector ensures a high lumen output. Features a range of interchangeable bezels to suit any application or aesthetic.

Trim:White, Chrome, Brushed Aluminium. 
Light Source:LED.
Matt Reflector:1009lm (9.6W, 3000K), 1090lm (9.7W, 4000K), 1743lm (17.4W, 3000K), 1889lm (17.4W, 4000K), 2675lm (30.3W, 3000K), 2902lm (30.5W, 4000K), 4177lm (46.5W, 3000K), 4532lm (46.6W, 4000K).
Faceteed Reflector:1079lm (9.6W, 3000K), 1165lm (9.7W, 4000K), 1864lm (17.4W, 3000K), 2019lm (17.4W, 4000K), 2860lm (30.3W, 3000K), 3102lm (30.5W, 4000K), 4465lm (46.5W, 3000K), 4845lm (46.6W, 4000K).
Specular Reflector:988lm (9.6W, 3000K), 1078lm (9.7W, 4000K), 1723lm (17.4W, 3000K), 1867lm (17.4W, 4000K), 2645lm (30.3W, 3000K), 2869lm (30.5W, 4000K), 4129lm (46.5W, 3000K), 4480lm (46.6W, 4000K).
Driver:HF, DALI.
IP Rating:IP20 (IP54/ IP65 options available).
Data Sheet:pdf 
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