The Rounder is a decorative circular LED luminaire which can be surface mounted or suspended and provides a direct light output. The Rounder is IP40 rated and available in 4 sizes and lumen outputs to suit a variety of different applications.

Light Source:LED.
LumensL1 Ø300mm 830 1919lm/ 840 2009lm 15.9W
L2 Ø300mm 830 2614lm/ 840 2737lm 21.4W
L3 Ø450mm 830 3880lm/ 840 4062lm 30.3W
L4 Ø450mm 830 5272lm/ 840 5520lm 44.3W
L5 Ø600mm 830 5948lm/ 840 6227lm 45W
L6 Ø600mm 830 8105lm/ 840 8562lm 63.6W
L7 Ø900mm 830 10057lm/ 840 10530lm 73W
L8 Ø900mm 830 12832lm/ 840 13435lm 94.1W.
IP Rating:IP40.
Driver:Electronic/ DALI.
Data Sheet:pdf 
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