The Sigma range of LED exit sign luminaires offer long life, low energy and flexible mounting solutions.

The Sigma is unique in that it allows a variety of installation methods. The luminaire can be mounted via ceiling suspensions, it can also be recessed into the ceiling, finally it can be surface mounted on a wall. This flexibility allows for aesthetic consistency across a project as the exit signs can be kept the same regardless of mounting. Rather thanusing a different product for each mounting type, the Sigma can fulfil every role. The luminaire is also offered in DALI or Self Test.

The Sigma provides a bright light output using 10 high powered LEDs in order to illuminate the legend. The viewing distance of the luminaire is up to 20m.

The Luminaire is constructed from Steel and aluminium and the legend is a screen printed opal polycarbonate panel. 

Luminaire Dimensions: 275mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 137mm (H)

Light Source:4.8w LED.
IP Rating:IP20.
Driver:Electronic / DALI.
Data Sheet:pdf 

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