The Tubo features a simple, eye catching design while maintaining an IP65 rated level of protection. The LED light source allows for instantaneous start and maximum light output. 

BodyFrosted PMMA.
IP Rating:IP40.
Driver:Electronic / DALI.
Output:2312lm (22W 3000K), 2418lm (22W 4000K), 
 2889lm (28W 3000K), 3023lm (28W 4000K),
 4203lm 40W 3000K, 4396lm (40W 4000K),
 5290lm (51W 3000K), 5512lm (51W 4000K),
Efficacy:105Llm/W (22W 3000K), 109Llm/W (22W 4000K),
 103Llm/W (28W 3000K), 107Llm/W (28W 4000K),
 105Llm/W (40W 3000K), 109Llm/W (40W 4000K),
 103Llm/W (51W 3000K), 108Llm/W (51W 4000K),
Data Sheet:pdf 
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