Detail Inground

An inground version of the Detail, the Detail Inground is a recessed uplight luminaire designed for external areas.

Various beam angles are available. LED life up to 50,000 hours (L70) at 35°C ambient temperature. IP44 rated as standard, with optional IP65 rating. Colour temperature 4000K.

Trim:Stainless Steel Finish.
IP Rating:IP54, IP67
Driver:Electronic / DALI.
Delivered Lumens544lm (10° ONLY), 696lm, 948lm, 1250lm.
Circuit Wattage:8.8w (544), 9.2w (696), 11.4w (948), 12.4w (1250)
Efficacy:62 (544), 75 (696), 83 (948), 100 (1250) LL/CW
Data Sheet:pdf 
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